SCoR at the Rhetoric Society of America Conference in Minneapolis

At the invitation of conference organizer Michael Leff, SCoR was on the program in Minneapolis at the biennial conference of the Rhetoric Society of America. Pat Gehrke (University of South Carolina) and David Cheshier (Georgia State University) put together a program titled “The Constitution of Public Argument: A Clinic on Rhetoric, Engagement, and Health Care Policy.” As with all SCoR discussions/seminars, the emphasis was on participation, so as with all good seminars, there was ‘homework.David Cheshier (Georgia State U), Kelly Happe (U of Georgia), Tony de Velasco (U Memphis), and Pat Gehrke (U South Carolina) led the discussion off, chaired by Sean O’Rourke (Furman U, not pictured) by sharing their analyses of a shared body of texts on health care policy and public rhetoric. Copies of the texts for discussion were provided on site for those who had not had an opportunity to review them in advance. After a brief statement on some part of the collection of texts from each discussant, each drawing upon her or his own methods and research, the floor was open for discussion. Attendance was smaller than we might have hoped, but the discussion was stimulating nonetheless.