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Fall SCoR Meeting - UNC Charlotte

”The Rhetoric of Capitalism”

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Richard Leeman, Dan Grano, and their colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte hosted the Fall, 2014 meeting of SCoR on September 26th at the UNC Charlotte Center City Building (CCB) in downtown Charlotte. The topic for this meeting was the discourse of capitalism and philanthropy. Fourteen attendees from eight universities analyzed the rhetorical and ethical implications of economic texts ranging from Andrew Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth" and Warren Buffett's "My Philanthropic Pledge." Critical texts used to contextualize the discussions included Lincoln Dahlberg's "Capitalism as Discrrsive System?", Jamie Cross's "The Coming of the Corporate Gift," and Dana Cloud's “Shock Therapy: Oprah Winfrey, Celebrity Philanthropy, and Disaster “Relief” in Haiti.” Brandon Inabinet of Furman University and Pat Gehrke of the University of South Carolina served as moderators of the early and late afternoon sessions respectively. The Department of Communication Studies at UNC Charlotte served as local hosts. Following the afternoon's colloquium, the conversation continued with sustenance at McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Steakhouse in Charlotte.


Schedule for September 26th, 2014 Southern Colloquium on Rhetoric

Center City Building
Room 806
320 E. 9th Street Charlotte, NC 28202 704‑687‑8902

1:00pm Gathering and hospitality

The Discourse of Capitalism

Primary Texts:

Michael Rao, “Let’s Build a Culture of Innovation,” Vital Speeches of the Day May 2014: 161-163.
Ajay Banga, “The Future of Commerce: Driven By a More Empowered, Inclusive Planet,”
Vital Speeches of the Day Dec. 2013: 388-391.

Secondary Text:

Lincoln Dahlberg, “Capitalism as a Discursive System?” Critical Discourse Studies 11 (2014): 257-271.

3:00pm Break, hospitality

Capitalism and Philanthropy

Primary Texts:

Andrew Carnegie, “The Gospel of Wealth.” Available online at

Warren Buffet, “My Philanthropic Pledge.” Available online at
Dan Gilbert, “Forbes Interview.” Available online at
Dan Gilbert, “Detroit 2.0.” Available online at

Secondary Texts:

Jamie Cross, “The Coming of the Corporate Gift,” Theory, Culture & Society 31 (2014): 121-145.

Dana L. Cloud, “Shock Therapy: Oprah Winfrey, Celebrity Philanthropy, and Disaster “Relief” in Haiti,”
Critical Studies in Media Communication 31 (2014): 42-56.

5:00pm Hospitality; break for dinner