SCoR Organizes!

The culmination of two years of discussions among colleagues both at the Southern Communication Association conference and in other venues, a meeting was held this fall to layout a framework for an ongoing forum dedicated to the sustained discussion and exchange of ideas and issues in rhetorical studies. The idea is to provide a vehicle for the large and growing number of rhetorical scholars in the South to meet regularly and informally with colleagues from a variety of institutions across the region in a setting not constrained by convention-panel formats.
Representatives from the College of Charleston (Brian McGee, David Moscowitz), Georgia State University (Jeffrey Bennett, David Cheshier, James Darsey, Mary Stuckey, Tomasz Tabako), the University of Alabama (Jason Edward Black), the University of Georgia (Barbara Biesecker), the University of Memphis (Antonio deVelasco), and the University of South Carolina (Pat Gehrke) met at Georgia State University in Atlanta on Friday, Oct 17, 2008. Beth Bennett (Alabama), Celeste Condit (Georgia), and Marilyn Young (Florida State University) joined the discussion via the Web.
The group agreed to 2-3 Friday afternoon half-day seminars per year to be hosted at institutions around the South with a view toward making most of these a half-day's drive for many, leaving attendees the option of making attendance a day-trip or a weekend get-away. Each half-day session will focus on one issue, article, book; formats will be flexible. Ideas for future seminars and volunteers for hosts are welcome. The planning group agreed on a first substantive session at the University of Georgia for winter, 2009, and Brian McGee of the College of Charleston volunteered to host the group in the fall. Stay tuned to this site for details.
Using the model of the very successful biennial public address conference, the group agreed to keep the structure an informal as possible--no memberships, no officers, no dues, no by-laws.
Pat Gehrke (University of South Carolina) graciously volunteered to host SCoR's Web presence. The original administrator for SCoR’s, including maintenance of mailing lists, was Teresa Morales. The current administrator is
Evan Johnson.